Leaf And Clay – Moral Story

A True Friend Is Needed at Times Of Misery Once there lived a leaf from a large tree and a lump of clay just beneath the tree. The leaf lived happily experiencing the excellent climate and nature. The lump of clay was also enjoying its life, as the leaf and clay were good friends. The […]

Four Finger Patience – Moral story

Lesson Of Patience through Four Finger Of Wood Once there lived a farmer with his family. The farmer lived a happy life with his family by earning from his own land. The farmer was making his land ready for his next session of cultivation. The only issue the farmer faced was insufficient amount of water […]


No One Is Free – Moral Story

A Story To Show All Are Busy and Not free John was a boy who always loved to play and was hunting for friends to play with him. He loved to play and nothing else impressed him other than playing and he was not interested in any other task other than playing. He was searching […]

Game of Life – Moral Story

Excellent Game To Learn Life It was a pleasant day with sun shining bright up the sky and birds singing from the trees. An old man was walking through the village road where he noticed a small boy cast down and confused. He also took into account that the boy was weeping as he had […]

Kindness Makes The World Go Round – Moral Story

John’s family was so poor that at the age of seven years he had to work to make both ends meet instead of going to school. His father worked as a laborer in the city factory and his mother had a job as a housemaid in a rich family. Christmas was soon approaching so John […]

Honesty Always Wins Hearts – Moral Story

Frieda was hurrying home from the party. Her friend Mary had got a job in a reputed company. The party was at Mary’s place for celebration among her few close friends and cousins. Frieda had not wanted to leave at all. She worked hard every day throughout the week. She was the receptionist for the […]

Hard Work Is the Key to Success – Moral Story

Sports day was approaching at school. All the children were extremely excited and practicing for the big race. Sam was confident that he would win as he was the fastest runner in the class. So he was not doing anything at all. Mother told him to practice more:” You have to work hard to come […]